Volunteers are at the heart of our operations. Morethana is very proud of what we have been able to achieve due to the dedication and efforts of students, alumni, and our partner affiliates. There is still much work to be done and we invite motivated, community focused people to join us in our literal and figurative growth.

We offer individual and group volunteers the opportunity to participate in the hands-on work of developing and maintaining our fledging operations. Volunteers may assist, lead, learn and practice a variety of innovative Permaculture Design methods to support sustainable, low-energy input agriculture.


  • Individuals
    Work parties that are involved with producing Biochar, planting crops, and general clean-up are scheduled monthly. The farm council is always on the lookout for enthusiastic people who want to learn about our operations and participate in our community building efforts.
  • Farmstead team
    The growing season is upon us and we are seeking interested candidates who want to participate in furthering the sustained improvement of the farm.  We are currently discussing the development of operation specific committees which may include; Composting, Budgeting, Community Outreach, and Greenhouse.
  • Corporate groups
    We are pleased to work with Microsoft Volunteers and to be a recipient of the Employee Volunteer Matching Campaign.  Check out the MS Volunteer Manager for more details.
    We offer chances for local business to spend quality time outside of the workplace together. Hands on efforts towards a common good helps to foster a more innovative and connective workforce. We can arrange a volunteer day for your organization as a means to give back, boost morale, or just get out of the office.

Morethana Farm depends on volunteers for assistance in many areas of the property. Please contact Morethana.Farm@Gmail.com for more details.


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