Morethana Farm is a partnership of the following organizations:

Pacific Bamboo Resources

Pacific Bamboo Resources

Pacific Bamboo Resources (PBR) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that consults individuals and groups who are interested in implementing permanent and sustainable agriculture.   PBR utilizes bamboo, a commonly overlooked plant to harvest and supplement the further growth of one to twenty-five acre land plots.  However they are not only a bamboo organization, PBR was amongst 33 other Buckminster Fuller Challenge finalists in 2009 for proposals that moved towards social, economic, and environmental change and sustainability.  PBR has designed a program for continuous cultivation of robust crops throughout the year that is meant to be readily duplicated.



SeaChar uses specially built stoves to reduce particular matter and carbon emissions in cooking which significantly reduces respiratory diseases in the populations of underdeveloped countries. In using the stoves to cook it also creates biochar, a carbon rich soil nutrient beneficial for plant growth and health.  For moreinformation on how it works, watch Waste No More.

Antioch University Seattle

Antioch University Seattle stands out among universities and colleges in Seattle for its progressive orientation and leadership for change. The 35-year-old campus serves approximately 900 students. Whether you are pursuing graduate studies or completing your bachelor’s degree here at AUS, limited-size classes and strong support from dedicated, expert faculty will enhance your academic experience. Plus, with Antioch University Seattle’s flexible programs, you can tailor your education to fit your personal and professional goals.

Whether you visit us on campus or meet AUS community members at events, conferences, or working in the field, it quickly becomes clear: AUS transforms its students and empowers them to become leaders for positive change.

The farm is located on the grounds of 21 Acres, a local non-profit that offers cooking classes, gardening space, commercial kitchen rentals and much more. Morethana is also proud members of the Sammamish Valley Alliance.

Get in touch with for more details.


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