Sustainability Internships at Morethana Farm, Woodinville, WA

Morethana Farm (MF) is a partnership project of Pacific Bamboo Resources (PBR), Antioch University Seattle (AUS), and Seattle BioChar Working Group (SeaChar).

Launched in 2012, our new six-acre+ organic, sustainable farmstead is located in the Sammamish Valley Agricultural Production District, an area of preserved farmland supported by King County. MF serves as a venue for hands-on sustainability education programs serving regional communities and connected to international networks, including (but not limited to):

  • Collaborative design, installation and management of sustainable farmstead operations, including demonstrations of permaculture design;
  • Continuous on-site composting and vermicomposting processes;
  • Biochar education, production, processing and applications;
  • Annual and perennial planting and harvesting;
  • Efficient water, energy, and labor management and use;
  • Educational and research activities supporting best-practices for farm-to-market viability.

Interdisciplinary Internship Opportunities

Are you a graduate or undergraduate student interested in topics of sustainable community and economic development, food security and resilient food systems, organic agriculture, bamboo and agroforestry resources, green business innovations, etc. Consider an internship at Morethana Farm. Credit and non-credit project opportunities are available.

We seek collaborators to join the Farm Team at Morethana Farm who have:

  • Interest in learning about social, economic and environmental trends for which bamboo, sustainable agriculture, bamboo and biochar can be of benefit;

  • Interest in learning about innovations of agriculture, agroforestry, and permaculture design activities — related interests in food, water, soil, energy systems a plus;

  • Interest in training and education program development;

  • Interest in digital media production, videography, graphic design arts, and use of social media networks;

  • The time and energy to add to a fun, collaborative, talented team (typically between 5 to 10 hours per week);

  • A sense of humor and interest in fun and meaningful collaboration — we work for and with each other!

  • Strong interests in themes of community engagement, social work, sustainability, climate change, renewable energies, ecological design methods, collaborative leadership, etc.;

  • Access to a computer and internet connection, and knowledge of various office software programs;

  • Excellent writing and public communication skills;

  • Interest in and willingness to travel within the region and assist with logistical planning as needed;

  • Experience in grant research and proposal writing a plus!

What might you gain if you join us?

  • College or university course credit via your academic program; Credit needs to be arranged with your academic department prior to start of internship;

  • Learn about and contribute to sustainability innovation — engage in regional, national and international opportunities involving bamboo resources and collaborations for sustainable community and economic development;

  • Contribute to an excellent interdisciplinary team and apply your professional knowledge and skills, academic studies and general interests in new ways;

  • Enjoy a flexible schedule that includes regular internet communications, face-to-face meetings with Morethana Farm volunteers and opportunities to represent Morethana at local events;

  • Add a great experience and project reference to your professional resume;

  • PBR programs and initiatives are reaching Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America, and to Pacific Islands — choose a region of interest and help to support emerging networks.

Each of our internships offer valuable experience in a supportive and motivating work environment.

Your main tasks would include (but not be limited to)

  • Working with the Morethana Farm manager on activities and planning at the farm;

  • assisting with on-going web site content development, new research projects and special reports;

  • recruiting volunteers for ongoing work party events and contributing to the calendar of events in consultation with the Morethana Farm Council.

  • helping build regional and international partnerships — share in the design and implementation of collaborative projects;

Join us!

Contact Dr. Jonathan Scherch ( or Smitha Rao ( for more information.

Why Bamboo and Biochar for sustainable agriculture systems?

Bamboo is an increasingly valuable sustainable resource supporting many raw material needs. As a grass (not a tree), bamboo already thrives on farms and in communities across the PNW and around the world, growing to maturity in one growing season and yielding many harvests over a typical 25-50 year tree life cycle. Hence, bamboo affords numerous social, economic and ecological benefits. Biochar is widely recognized as an excellent complement to conventional composting and organic soil-building processes, where the marriage of durable soil structural improvements and rich nutrient cycling combine to form a win-win scenario. Recent enthusiasm for capturing carbon in biochar has emerged around the world, in response to climate change, food insecurity and myriad issues of agriculture. Connecting biochar production with bamboo cultivation unites two excellent resources for addressing these and other issues.

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