GROW AUS is a student group dedicated to stewarding the rooftop garden at Antioch University Seattle. In partnership with Morethana Farm, we utilize permaculture design principles to create and maintain a beautiful, healthy space that reflects Antioch’s commitment to sustainability and fosters the growth of plants, individuals, and our community.

In addition to our commitment to stewarding the garden, this group comes together to express and explore our individual interests in sustainability, permaculture, and community, and exemplify the ability of students and faculty to collaborate on change initiatives that enrich the AUS community.

  • We strive to develop our rooftop garden as both a healthy, thriving ecosystem and as a space for community gatherings.
  • We nourish plants in hopes of sharing our harvest with the greater Antioch Seattle community, and it is our belief that through shared nourishment, we will strengthen our cohesion.
  • We operate in a mutually beneficial relationship with Morethana Farm, sharing resources reciprocally.
  • We utilize hands-on learning opportunities for personal development and as a way to manifest and illustrate our shared values while learning together in community.

For more information about events and ways to get involved, please visit our Facebook page, or email Kasey Armstrong (M.A. in Environment and Community Program) at



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