Farm Council

Perry Acworth (Farm Manager)
Perry Acworth has been a farmer, teacher, mentor, coach, gardener, cheesemaker, shepherd, sailor, fisheries worker, recycling educator, outdoor guide, and a business owner. She has worked in farming and agriculture education at at the University of Washington and Evergreen State University and owned her own farm and dairy for 17 years. Perry’s goal is to practice sustainable agriculture in a way that preserves the working landscape for future, small farmers.

Rod Crow (Farm Manager)
Rod has over ten years of experience in working with the US Forest Service, primarily as a field wildlife/fisheries biologist, but also has experience in forestry management. Rod is also familiar in dealing with various environmental policies, such as NEPA and the Endangered Species Act. Rod received his B.S. in Natural Resource Management from Washington State University, and completed his M.A. in Environment and Community at Antioch University Seattle. He holds certifications in Ecological Planning and Design, Integrated Skills for Sustainable Change, and Permaculture Design.

Ron Harris-White
Ron is the director of Diversity Services for Antioch University Seattle and teaches an urban farming class. Before he came to Antioch, his work included the City of Seattle’s grassroots climate action campaign, a paperless office campaign, and the development of Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative. Ron also helped establish Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative and the Seattle Parks Urban Food System program.

Dave McInturff
David McInturff is the treasurer of Seattle Biochar Working Group, which produces and distributes clean cook stoves in Costa Rica. David is a former Research Engineer at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and at Purdue University and currently teaches mathematics at Curtis High School in University Place WA. David is interested in sustainable agriculture and food justice and he promotes these ideals through his association with Morethana Farm and through his work at a local community garden in University Place, WA.

Sunny Monroe (Communications Director)
Sunny is a freelance communications specialist. She has a B.S. in environmental studies from the University of Washington and an MA in communications from Antioch University. Sunny is passionate about localizing our food economy and using storytelling and humor to start conversations about creating a sustainable future.

Smitha Rao (Director of Development)
Smitha comes from a multidisciplinary background and has more than 5 years of experience working in the development and environmental sector in India. Her interests have led her to work in areas as remote as the Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Bay of Bengal for post tsunami rehabilitation to environmental activism and advocacy on national (in India) and international campaigns. She is most taken with the social justice and environmental aspects of sustainable agriculture and food initiatives and is closely connected to the Morethana Farm initiatives.

Rachel Ringdahl (Farm Manager)
Rachel is a farmer at heart.  She got her B.S. in Agribusiness and an M.Ag. in International Agriculture from Oklahoma State University.  She loves exploring the different ways food and goods can be produced.

Laura Ryser (Associate Director for Pacific Bamboo Resources)
As associate director for Pacific Bamboo Resources, Laura is focusing much of her time on the Morethana Farm project, helping to coordinate the farm council and student interns, along with managing the budget and writing grants. Laura is also currently working with Urban Systems Design to conduct education and outreach in West Seattle for the King County and Seattle Public Utility’s RainWise program.  She has ten years of experience facilitating and leading workshops and educational events for children and adults and has experience with prospect research and grant writing.  Laura is a graduate of Antioch Seattle’s Environment & Community masters program and received her B.A. from the University of Vermont in anthropology. 

Jonathan Scherch (Founder)
Jonathan is a Professor at Antioch University Seattle, and Founder & Executive Director of Pacific Bamboo Resources. He has been pursuing sustainable community and economic development  activities, including permaculture design projects, for many years.  Check out his recent film, a collaboratively-produced documentary entitled Sustainability in Exile: Tibetan Farmers Cultivating Compassion.




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