Morethana Farm is a six-acre organic agriculture and agroforestry project located within the Sammamish Valley, near the city of Woodinville. A joint project of Pacific Bamboo Resources, Antioch University Seattle, and SeaChar, among other local and regional groups, Morethana Farm represents an exciting, new community collaboration.
Learn more about the farm partners.

Program Objectivesphoto 1

Morethana Farm provides opportunities for individuals and groups to engage in hands-on projects, and so collaboratively:

  • Study, design, and demonstrate a variety of innovative Permaculture Design practices associated with sustainable, low-energy input agriculture. And, be extension, provide a venue to support and advance student and faculty teaching and research, and associated field projects;
  • Cultivate community relations and partnerships and activities within and beyond the Farmstead, and;
  • Contribute to the progressive implementation of a full-featured Permaculture Design for the 5-6 Acre land space, demonstrating both immediate and emerging possibilities of a working farmstead with diverse perennial and annual edible landscapes.

Learning About Permaculture

Permaculture design is a practical, whole-system design approach for meeting our needs of food, energy, shelter and materials, and the social, economic, ecological and educational contexts that support them. These methods support Antioch’s commitment to sustainability, both in nature and our communities. Dr. Jonathan Scherch and colleagues teach permaculture design courses and content at Antioch University Seattle, and will be using Morethana Farm as a field lab.

To learn more about permaculture design, check out Jonathan Scherch’s recent documentary film, Sustainability in Exile: Tibetan farmers cultivating compassion, which follows refugee Tibetan farmers and the challenges they face as they pursue compassionate (permaculture) farming practices. Also check out the One Straw Revolution, the story of Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka who developed a revolutionary system of natural farming.

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